Eat Right Sorry for the delay in my recent post….went to visit my family over the weekend and decided to disconnect from all electronics. Anyway….many people think in order to lose weight you have to diet, give up everything that tastes good and deprive yourself of your guilty pleasures. Well that is entirely FALSE. You can have the things that you enjoy just in moderation or with some minor tweaking of the recipe. Before I started my journey I made this amazing Creamy Cajun Garlic Shrimp Pasta. When I decided it was time to lose the weight, I thought I had to cut out my favorite dinner creation because it was full of heavy cream and butter. Well I loved it so much that I limited myself to having it once a month. A super talented girlfriend of mine, who has an amazing blog of her own, offered to redo the recipe for me. I was sceptical at first because how can you replicate that creamy garlicy goodness without using cream or tons of butter? Well…….it turned out amazing and tasted just like the original recipe. I was floored and excited because I could keep eating my favorite pasta dish on a regular basis. You can find the recipe among her other amazing recipes and photos of her super cute family at http://amouthfulofmoderation.com/.

I’m sure that everyone has read or heard that its better for you to eat several small meals throughout the day. I will admit….I thought this is crazy too! By eating more….how could that help me lose weight? Well I did some research and found that by eating several small meals throughout the day you can reduce your chances of over eating at any meal. This was a HUGE problem I had. I would skip breakfast almost everyday and then I would eat a huge lunch early in the day because I got so hungry. By the time I got home I was absolutely STARVING and I would snack while I was making dinner. After mapping out my eating habits it was clear to me that I needed to start eating breakfast because that is what cause all of my food issues throughout the day. My food schedule is simple: 8 am – Breakfast, 10am – protein shake or a small snack, 12pm – lite lunch, 2pm – protein shake or snack (the opposite of what I did at 10am) and then finally at 5 pm – dinner. Now I do have a obstacle with my food schedule on Thursdays and Fridays because I work until 7 pm on both days. I try really hard not to eat after 7pm but on these days I make super lite dinners or I will prep my dinner the night before and eat it while I’m at work. Below is an example of a daily menu for me:

Breakfast – Southwestern scrambled eggs with turkey sausage or bacon

Snack – Energy Bites or protein shake

Lunch – Tomato and avocado salad with balsamic vinegar

Snack – Energy Bites or protein shake

Dinner – Grilled Dijon Mustard Chicken breast with cauliflower mash and steamed broccoli.

Happy food planning everyone!

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