How do you handle stress?

Stressed and Dessert Stress….we have all experienced it. Some of us more than others and we all deal with our stress in different ways. If my stress is caused by an emotion or personal issue….I automatically turn to food and not the right type of food either. If it’s work stress…I tend to turn into a 2-year-old that loves to  mope, grown and stomp my feet in frustration.  So whats the best way to deal with stress? Well, I can’t really answer that questions because it’s all about personal preference…everyone is different. You could follow what most doctors will tell you…”Lower your stress by exercise and eating right.” Sure, by exercising you burn off the unwanted stress adrenalin and energy. (Doctors claim exercise releases something called ‘positive endorphins’ in your brain which relieves you from stress.) Sometimes this works for me when my stress level is extremely high but sometimes it’s just not enough! (I wish it was!) 

Stressed OutWhen exercise isn’t enough…..I will treat myself to something special. It may be a mani-pedi or it might be a long massage. Anything to keep me from eating! If I keep myself busy by doing something that makes me feel good about myself, then I wont eat my emotions. The last thing I need is to eat an entire carton of chocolate ice cream and entire package or Oreo cookies!

 The key is…..I remove myself from the situation that is causing me stress and allow myself and my brain to “shut off”.  It’s about giving yourself something back from time to time…always remember….YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

And just an after thought… does a pretty good job too lol…..just saying!! (insert embarrassed look here!)


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