21 Day Fix – Day 1

Total Body Cardio - Day 1In my previous post I mentioned that I had taken the plunge and purchased the 21 Day Fix program from beacbody.com. Well….today was Day 1. Sticking to the portions of food was much easier than I thought it would be once I decided what I wanted to eat! The possibilities are endless as long as you eat all your containers and nothing more! We had one of our vendors stop into the office today with a small bag of treats for a few of us (me included). She had placed two small chocolates in the bag that kept mocking me and screamed “EAT ME” but I knew that I would cave if I kept them in my sight….so I got up took the chocolates and gave them to a co-worker! SELF CONTROL AT ITS FINEST!!

My menu from today consisted of:

Breakfast: Protein shake with strawberries, pineapples and almond milk

Morning Snack: Apple slices with all natural peanut butter

Lunch: Grilled Chicken salad with tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Afternoon Snack: Grapes

Dinner: Stuffed shells (Hubby’s request)

My workout was the Total Body Cardio which totally kicked my BUTT (in a good way of course)!!! From the photo you can tell that I definitely broke a sweat and burned 251 calories which is AWESOME! After my workout I totally collapsed on the floor…my arms and legs feel like they have been stretched out for miles and my abs feel like I have been laughing for days! I feel absolutely amazing!! Heres to looking forward to Day 2!!!

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