My love hate relationship with….WATER

Drink More Water I never was a huge fan of water…it just seemed boring to me. Why drink tasteless water when I could drink that delicious sugary ice-cold soda or a big glass of southern style sweet tea? After taking a good look at my daily soda intake, I knew it was time for a change (I’m not telling how many soda’s I drank in one day….way to embarrassing!). My body needed the water and I knew that I had to drink more if I wanted to see the results I wanted. I did some research to find out how much I really needed to drink to keep my body healthy. I kept hearing “Drink half your body weight in oz of water” and “Drink your 8 glasses everyday”.  I still haven’t found a clear medical article that states which is better so I decided that I would try to drink between 70 and 100 oz. of water everyday. Hey….its more than I was drinking!

During my research I found some interesting facts and I would like to share them with you!

 The harmful effects and symptoms od dehydration:

1. Tiredness (Yep felt that!)

2. Migraines (Yep got those all the time)

3. Constipation (Didn’t have an issue with this)

4. Muscle Cramps (Yep got these occasionally)

5. Irregular Blood Pressure (Haven’t had this)

6. Kidney Problems (Haven’t had any)

7. Dry Skin (Yep!)

I just knew after reading these that I needed to change! I purchased some new water bottles that had the total oz listed on the side of the bottle so that I could track where I was for the day. I made it a point to drink so many oz every hour so that I didn’t have to chug a huge bottle of water at the end of day. We all know what happens when you start drinking more water…….you pee all the time!!! Any who, after the first few weeks of making the swap for more water, it started to get boring. I was slowly slipping in a soda or a sweet tea everyday. I was allowed to indulge right…..WRONG? Well one thing led to another and soda was back on my grocery list more and more. NOT GOOD! So I started to do some research on what I could do to mix up my water so that I could have a little flavor and sweetness in my life! So I hit up pinterest (addicted to pinterest) and found some great fruit infused water ideas!  My go to is usually just lemon water but you can use anything. Below are a few of my favorite fruit combinations. To infuse your water, fill up a pitcher with water (not all the way….leave some room for the fruit) plop in your fruit and sit in the fridge for a few hours. The longer you let the fruit steep the more flavored your water will be. Helpful hint: If you use a fruit that has a peel, you will want to peel it before you put it in your water. The feel will make your water bitter.

1. Strawberry and mint

2. Cucumber and lime (Peel both of these)

3. Watermelon and mint

4. Lemon and Lime (Peel both of these)

5. Orange (Peel this one)

6. Orange and Pineapple (Peel these too)

7. Strawberry and Blackberry

Hope you all enjoy!!


Drink Your Water

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