Just a quick update

  So it’s been a long time since I posted anything but there has been a lot going on. I had my HSG test done and found out that my tubes are open and look great but they found some debris in my uterus. WTH?? I am going in on Wednesday for a saline ultrasound to find out what this “debris” is….I’m totally freaking out!!!
To top everything else off I started getting excruciating pains on my left side, my lower back and lower stomach. The pain was so unbearable. I pushed through it on Tuesday evening but the pain persisted into Wednesday and I got scared so I called my primary care doctor. I explained what was going on….she expressed some concern about a possible enlarged cyst given that I have PCOS. So I called Shady Grove first thing Thursday morning and my nurse said to come in for an ultrasound and we will see what’s going on. While driving I was in so much pain I was sobbing uncontrollably. Sitting in the waiting room waiting for the tech to call me back for my ultrasound was torture. Finally they called me back….the tech came in along with my doctor….no cysts at all! Good news but what the hell was causing all this pain. My amazing doctor said he believes it’s something in my GI tract and I needed to see my primary doctor as soon as possible. I called my doctors office and got it right away. Again, I was in pain during my drive to the doctors office and while sitting waiting for my appointment my pain got so bad I couldn’t sit. My appointment was supposed to be 11:45 but I wasn’t seen until 12:20. Anyways…nurse took my weight (hello….agonizing pain going on here is my weight really that important right now?) and then took me to the exam room. She took my blood pressure which was elevated because I was in so much pain. Finally the doctor came in asked me the same questions the nurse did and then does a quick exam. Well she couldn’t tell what was going on (great!! Just my luck). She explained to me that she wanted me to see a gastrointestinal specialist…prescribed me Nexium and sent me on my way. 
My appointment with the gastrointestinal specialist is set for Tuesday afternoon….I’m hoping I make it to Tuesday with this pain!! 
Hoping all of you are in good health and happy!

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