Debris in my what?? 

Ugh….so most of you saw my last post where I got the call from Shady Grove about the debris in my lady parts. Well today was the day I found out what the hell they meant by “debris”. My appointment was for 11:15 but I got there at 11 because I was scared out of my mind because I (like most people…I hope) google the terms that the doctor or nurses use when speaking to you over the phone. So I searched “debris in cervix/uterus” and I found all types of things it could be…polyps….fibroids….cancer….thick lining. Ugh I just wanted to hear the words…”Everything looks normal”. I walked in and they gave me this form to read and sign. Of course I read the form word for word which made me more nervous because everything has risks and side effects!! I had to give a urine sample to make sure I wasn’t pregnant which is always fun! Then I was taken back to the procedure room. The waiting was pure torture at the point. Then the nurse practitioner and ultrasound tech walked in. I felt this huge wave of emotions rush over me and my mind started to race….all the “what ifs” flooded my mind and I began to cry. The nurse practitioner and tech were amazing and talked me through the entire procedure. They call this ultrasound a mock transfer because when going through IVF this helps to learn the anatomy prior to sending in the embryos. Well in my case this was a discovery mission….gotta find out what’s in there. As soon as the sterile water was inserted into my cervix I closed my eyes and found myself praying to God….”please be normal”. Then the nurse prectitioner said….”Well”. Uummmm are you going to tell me or are you just going to say well??!! Then she said “everything looks normal except you do have a thicker lining”. She went on to say how that’s normal in my case since I don’t have a normal menstrual cycle. At that moment I could feel my body exhale and relax. It’s normal! I’m fine….everything is fine! I did however learn that my cervix has a little bend in it or what they call curved. Excuse me?? I of course had to ask a million questions but learned that it’s a common thing. Phew! So let the cramping commence and moving forward! 



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