Detox Tea..good or bad?

I’m seeing celebrity advertisements all over the place for different detox teas….so what’s all the hype about? Obviously it intrigued me enough to do some research and I found that Detox herbal teas have been in use for centuries…..and here I thought it was the “new thing to try”. During my research, I read that when you are undergoing a detoxification program, your body is ridding itself of the built up toxins we’ve accumulated through diet or your environment (perfect after indulging in that yummy Thanksgiving dinner). These toxins are most commonly found in the liver and kidneys and after just passing my very first kidney stone (p.s. if child-birth is anything like that pain, I will most definitely be getting an epidural!), I thought to myself, GET THOSE TOXINS OUT!!! I never want to experience that pain ever again!  After doing a quick Amazon search on detox teas, I was definitely overwhelmed by all the options. I spent about 3 days going back and forth reading all of the reviews on each tea before I finally decided on Triple Leaf’s Detox Tea.

Detox Tea (1)

This tea is a cleansing and revitalizing tea made with potent Chinese purification herbs but the best thing it’s Caffeine-Free. When I got the box from Amazon, I read the following message on the top of the box:

“For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using herbs to clear away toxins. Today, we are exposed to increasing levels of harmful environmental pollutants and toxins in smoke, air, water and food. many synergistic and potent Chinese purification herbs have been used to create our Detox Tea. Traditionally, these herbs were used to support the healthy function of the liver, kidneys, lungs and blood, and to cleanse the body of toxins. They were considered to help promote clear, healthy skin, increase the flow of energy (chi) to the body and mind, and promote calmer, more positive and peaceful emotions.”

At first I was very skeptical….how could a tea do all of that? I will admit it took me a few days to build up enough courage to even try it but I am so glad that I did! I was feeling really tired all of the time even though I was getting between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night. I drank this tea every morning for about a week and I can honestly say that I felt rejuvenated and well rested. I had more energy, I was more focused at work and overall I felt good.  Now was it really the tea or was this just a placebo effect? So I did my very own experiment and stopped drinking the tea for a few weeks and I could tell around day 6 the sluggish feeling and lack of motivation was back.  So back to the tea I went!

I’m going to be brutally honest with you, the taste is very weird at first and very earthy. Knowing that adding sugar to a detox tea would pretty much defeat the purpose, I added a slice of lemon. Bingo!!! This tea with a slice of lemon is what I prefer to drink in the morning rather than my normal cup of coffee with cream and sugar. Even though its caffeine free, I still get this burst of energy when I drink it. If you haven’t stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new lately, I would recommend this tea.

Bottoms up!!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to all my readers! Today I am thankful for my friends, family and good health. I wish you and yours a blessed day full of love and laughter with those you hold so dear! 

Ps: Hope you turned your scale back 10 lbs this morning!! 😉