Eat the pizza!!

PizzaSo…this weekend didn’t go so well for me and Keto. Specifically Sunday. For the past few weeks my husband and I haven’t really had the chance to really spend much time together. Sundays are normally our day to hang out together whether it be date night or just chilling in bed together all day. Well since we haven’t had a Sunday together in about 4 weeks and we’ve both been spending a lot of time away from home we decided that it would be a lazy Sunday where we didn’t leave bed. A day of nothing is exactly what I needed…..except for I had to prepare all of our meals with nothing in the house. We normally do our grocery shopping on Sunday’s. So I had a VERY tough decision….do I go to the store or do I just hang with my husband all day? It didn’t take me very long to make the decision to stay at home with hubby. Luckily I’m doing the intermittent fasting thing so my first meal wasn’t until 12pm anyway and hubby likes to sleep in until about 11 or 11:30 on the days he doesn’t work. When lunch time rolled around I went in search of something that I could make that was Keto friendly. Luckily I still had a dozen of eggs and some bacon. So for lunch we had scrambled eggs with coconut oil, salt and pepper and bacon.

We were both satisfied for a few hours and then the munchies started to take over. I settled for some almonds and a sugar free jello cup….but an hour later I was hungry again. I had nothing to make for dinner because everything was frozen. Hubby suggested pizza….so I said lets order from Domino’s because they have salads….then we started to order and one thing lead to another.  Hubby ordered a Philly cheese steak pizza and the brownie cookie for dessert. I ordered a salad and some wings….completely forgetting that their wings are breaded. Strike 1 for Jen! When the food arrived, the smell of melted cheese, green bell peppers and steak filled the entire room as if it was a sinking ship filling with water. I fought my urge to have a slice and settled for my salad and my wings (which I was already beating myself up over).

Hubby and I decided to watch Son-In-Law with Pauly shore and about 30 minutes in Hubby starts snoring…..the devil on my shoulder seemed to be getting louder and louder. “One piece wont kill you” it kept saying over and over again until I finally caved…….I didn’t eat one but two slices of pizza and then I couldn’t stop. I had two pieces of the brownie cookie too!! I felt so defeated and wanted to sit there and feel terrible about myself but something told me to reach out to a friend who is also doing the Keto diet. She has been my rock through this whole thing and has kept me sane. I told her all about my “cheat day” and what she said to me has given me a whole new outlook on my “accidents”. She said to me: “Its life….get back on track tomorrow. It can’t be all consuming, life has to happen and that includes pizza.” The more and more I thought about it….shes totally right! Being so strict on myself and not enjoying life was just setting me up to fail. I need to enjoy my life and if I want a slice of pizza I should have it because everything is “OK” in moderation. Moral of this story is….DO not beat yourself up for having a slice of pizza, a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream. We are all human, we are going to make mistakes…..what we do to recover from them is what really counts. Until next time!



Polar vs. FitBit

polarWho doesn’t love a good fitness gadget! I’ve owned my Polar Ft7 for a while now and I fell in love the moment I first used it. I am a very competitive person by nature so I was in constant competition with myself. Watching my calories burnt increase was the best feeling in the world. It really helped me push myself harder every time I strapped it on but it really left me wanting more. I only put it on when I worked out and it didn’t count my steps and I really had to track my progress manually. The heart rate monitor strap was a little uncomfortable as well. Don’t get me wrong….I still think the Polar fitness trackers are an amazing product and work really well but there had to be a better option that fit my every day needs.

Recently my company started a FitBit challenge on September 1st. Each participant was supplied with the FitBit zip which we all received in August so I got to use it for a little before the challenge started. All the ladies in my office are participating so I have the best support group anyone could have. After using the FtiBit Zip I was instantly hooked so I decided to splurge and get the FitBit Blaze watch. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! The FitBit app is multifunctional and really helps me track everything in my daily life from my water intake to my sleep patterns and it even monitors my heart rate like my Polar does.


Working in an office I knew my activity level was pretty sedentary but I never fully understood how sedentary I really was until I got the FitBit Watching my co-workers hit 4,000 to 6,000 steps before lunch and I was at 1,000…..I knew I had to step up my game (pun intended). I work in a mall that is just shy of 2 miles long if you walk an entire loop. I have the best work place for those trying to get some major steps in… why wasn’t I taking advantage of it? I set a schedule for myself because lets face it…working in an office its hard to walk away from your office if you don’t have it on your calendar! So I walk at least 3 times a day….once in the morning, once after lunch and once right before I leave for the day. So for all my non-fitbit users out there your daily goal is 10,000 steps which approximately 5 miles and if I walk my mall 3 times a day like I have scheduled I hit that 10k mark every single time. Now you may ask….should I really be walking 10,000 steps every day? Here is the link to the FitBit Blog that explains why you should:

Should You Really Take 10,000 Steps a Day?

Another great function of the FitBit app are the challenges you can do with your friends. All the ladies of my office love doing the Work Week Hustle. Like myself, my coworkers are also competitive so it’s a constant battle in my office to beat each other….who doesn’t love to have bragging rights in the office! The first two challenges I came in dead last because I underestimated the ladies I work with…so here I am pushing myself even harder to keep up with these amazing ladies. We just ended this weeks challenge and I finished 2nd with a total of 59,351 steps for the week! Whoop Whoop! I can’t wait for next week!

So if you are on the fence about purchasing the FitBit… it! It has changed my life and really pushed me to keep moving throughout the day. So much so that I have lost 17 pound in the last 2 months! Yes…..17 pounds!!!!!! Thanks for reading!




A little off topic…

Hey everyone….its been a few weeks since my last post. The holidays are here and I’ve been trying to spend some time doing what I love…BAKING!!! Anyways…this post is a little out of the ordinary for me as it really has nothing to do with my journey but more of my inspiration.

 I started to get into watching UFC in late 2013 when my husband held a UFC party with his friends at our home. I love throwing parties because I love taking care of people and feeding them amazing food! From that fight I fell in love with the sport….but what really made me a die-hard fan was when I watched Rhonda Rousey fight Miesha Tate on December 23, 2013 (won by arm bar). I have followed her ever since. I love everything that she stands for and everything she has done for women. I actually may lose some followers because of this post but honestly, I don’t care. Rousey has done a lot in her career that benefits women everywhere. She was the first US Women to earn an Olympic medial in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. She is the reason why women are now fighting in the UFC but what I love most about her is she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. She has her opinion and if you don’t like it then whatever. I read the interview that she did with ESPN after she her fight against Holm and it moved me. (Here is the link to the article, I encourage you all to read it… In an exclusive interview, ronda rouse and espn). The one thing that she said it resonated with me, she said “Most people get scared away from having an opinion. It’s not so much my opinion everybody relates to, it’s that I don’t care about being punished for it.” Growing up I use to let my opinions known, I wasn’t afraid of speaking my mind and telling you I didn’t agree with something. Over the years, I lost my voice and grew scared of giving my opinion. After reading this article, I made a promise to myself….I was going to voice my opinion more. Tell people how I truly feel and so far….there hasn’t been any significant repercussions in fact, I’ve actually gained more respect for myself and from my peers.

Ronda Rousey

 I can’t exactly say I know how she is feeling by losing to Holm but reading this interview really made me realize that some of us have bad days and some of us have really shitty days. We all have the right to pick our selves up off that mat at the time we feel is right….we all deserve to grieve and recover in our own way. I know that she will be back and she will be back better than ever. She has the biggest heart and so much love and soul for what she does and what she represents. She inspires me to avoid being a “do nothing bitch” and it’s because of her and her determination that I have been able to turn over a new leaf for myself and really focus on my life and my journey.

Ronda if by any miraculous cosmic event happened and you are reading this, just know that we all love you and we support you…we wish you all of the best in the world. You are a beautiful person with an even more beautiful soul. I love what Roger Matthews wrote on his instagram, “Even the greatest can be beaten because we are all human.” We are all human and July is just 6 months and a few weeks away!



I’ve been MIA for too long!


So I want to apologize for being MIA for the past few weeks…..well months really. I have been super busy and I am not sure where to begin.

The first week of May the hubby and I had our first vacation away in about 6 years. We went on an 8 day cruise to the Bahamas aboard the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore. Let me just tell you it was so relaxing and way over due. We met some amazing people on board and really allowed ourselves to let go and let’s be honest….when you are on board a ship that has endless amounts options for food….you really let go and we all know that when you are on vacation, diets do not exist!! I of course let my self indulge a little too much and ended up gaining about 5 lbs. I felt very defeated….I knew I was going to gain weight but I didn’t know it would be a whole 5 lbs. That started it all….a few weeks went by and I realized that I was back to eating the same way I use too. Lots of sugar, fat and the “convenient” processed foods. I knew I had to get back on track but I totally lacked the motivation to “reignite” that torch. Before I knew it June was here! My best friend in the entire world was getting married on June 13th so I knew I had to get back on track before the wedding…I didn’t want to feel miserable in my bridesmaid dress. I immediately cleaned out my refrigerator and cabinets of the temptations that lurked in every corner and refilled it with healthier options. I was determined to put the past in the past and move forward. I took my measurements and my before pictures because I would rather tracking my inches lost and how my clothes are fitting than the stupid scale. So I hit the workouts hard for the two weeks prior to the wedding and I felt pretty pleased with myself. When I had my bridesmaid dress altered in April it was fitting a bit snug and when I put it on before the rehearsal, it  fit a lot better and I could breathe easy. That was the confidence boost I needed!

So the moral of the store is if you get knocked down… just have to get right back up, dust yourself off and start fresh. Everyone has their bad days and your are absolutely allowed to have them…espically during a vacation! Keep pushing everyone……if I can do this then so can you!

You can do it