Keto Diet and Me

PCOS and KETOSo I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the Keto diet. It’s all the rage these days. This diet is very similar to Atkins which I had some really good results on…so naturally I wanted to give it shot but why? Well….I had been working out consistently, eating all the right foods and drinking my water like I’m supposed to but it creeped up on me out of no where….the dreaded “plateau”. I hadn’t lost a single ounce for 3 weeks despite everything that I did….I increased my weights, reduced my cardio, increased my cardio, cut back my calories, ate more calories….but still no budge on that scale. So I sought help on the internet. I joined some fitness groups, read some blogs and some articles. The best thing I read in all my research was this diet is the optimal diet for women with PCOS. PCOS is an insulin resistant syndrome which basically means our bodies do not recognize insulin. The insulin that the pancreas keeps making just floats around in our bodies with nowhere to go. With this surplus of insulin in our systems it leads to elevated testosterone levels which then causes the fertility issues like missed periods, failure to ovulate, facial hair and all of those other horrible symptoms.

So I’m sure by now your asking… what’s so special about Keto? So the Keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb and sugar diet. Yes you read that right “HIGH FAT?!?!?! WTF???”. I know that it’s so hard to think that eating more fat will in turn cause you to lose weight and that’s because over the years all the health professionals brainwashed us all to think fats are bad and healthy carbs are optimal to fuel our bodies. Well now carbs are bad and fats are good! With the Keto diet your diet should consist of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs which for my calorie allotment is roughly 125 grams of fat, 106 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbs. So when on this diet you are basically teaching your body to use fat as fuel instead of carbs which in turn lowers your blood sugar levels and improving your insulin resistance. So to sum this up lower carbs, lower sugar…..improved/relief of PCOS symptoms.

My Results so far…

So I started the keto diet on Monday April 16th and today when I stepped on that scale….I did not believe what I was seeing. I lost a total of 7.8 lbs!!! That’s right….I lost almost 8 lbs in 7 days! I immediately jumped off the scale and back on again…and again…and again….and again. Each time my weight came back the same. This now brings me to 6.8 lbs away from my goal weight to finally start fertility treatments. My dream of becoming a mommy is within my grasp and I am both nervous and excited at the same time. It’s like that first day of school when you are so excited to see all of your friends but your so nervous for the actual school work to start. I’ve been waiting so long for this to become a reality and I’m so happy that all of my hard work and dedication has finally paid off. You all know that I’ve given up and started over numerous times. My mental state had taken a turn for the worse and I was losing hope fast….the thought of just giving up completely had crossed my mind a time or two but one morning I woke up and said “NO”…..I’m going to do this and I’m going to reach my goals. As of today, I’ve lost a total of 70 lb….yes getting to this point may have been slow but I did it on my own terms. No surgery, no pills, no miracle cure…just hard work, dedication and discipline. I’ve never felt better than I do today. My spirit, my mind and my body have overcome so much over the course of my journey. I learned a lot about myself throughout this journey and I’m loving the person I’m growing into.

So here’s to kicking those last 6.8 lbs to the curb! Stay tuned…..



I’m back!!!!

I'm BACKI’m back!!!! Did you miss me?? LOL! My doctor FINALLY released me to start working out again!!! Thank the good lord above for giving me patients to get through the last few weeks! Since my injury I have tried extremely hard to keep things as healthy as I could but I’m going to be honest with you…..I found myself slipping into my old habits. I chose the convenient foods instead of the healthy foods. Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve gained a few pounds which I’m not proud of but today is a new day. The past is the past…..the damage is done. I have a choice to make, I can either choose to continue down the same path or I can choose to get back on that horse. So I’m saddling up and getting back on that horse!

When I started this journey last year, I knew that it was going to be hard….but nothing prepared me for exactly how hard it was really going to be both physical and emotional. Dealing with PCOS is never easy…..sometimes you feel like your trapped inside your own body, which is how I feel about 95% of the time. fatigue is another major factor for me….no matter what I do, I’m always tired. I’ve been taking vitamins to help and still tired ALL THE TIME!! I’m hoping that once I start working out more that my energy levels will increase. But to keep myself motivated I’ve joined a few free 5 day clean eating challenges which I am super excited about! I am only allowed to workout 3 days a week for the next 3 weeks and then I can go back to my 5 days a week as long as I feel good. I am super excited to get back at this and onto a healthier me.




Did you know its PCOS Awareness month?

Fight Like A Girl_PCOSFor those of you who haven’t read my About Me page, I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 when my husband and I first decided we wanted to have a baby. Of course this news was devastating. I didn’t know where to turn or who I could talk to because this syndrome was so new to me. I had never heard of it and I didn’t know anyone who had it.

1 in 10 women have it….that’s approximately 5% of women. How could I not know what this syndrome was? I wanted to write this blog post so that I could educate people on what this syndrome is and what I deal with on a regular basis.

So what is PCOS? Well, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or better known as PCOS is basically the hormones in a woman’s body is out of balance. This hormone imbalance can result in irregular menstrual cycles and we all know if you aren’t regular….you’ll have problems getting pregnant. PCOS can also cause changes to your body that are unwanted like acne, extra hair growth all over your body and weight gain. Some of the more serious health related problems include diabetes and heart disease.

What does PCOS look like? In most women with PCOS, they grow many small cysts on their ovaries. That is how the syndrome got its name. Most commonly this is how PCOS is diagnosed along with blood work. When the doctor looks at the ultrasound of your ovaries, you will see these little dark circles all over your ovaries. Below is an example of an ovary with PCOS:

How is PCOS diagnosed? There is no one test and your done when it comes to diagnosing PCOS. When your doctor suspects that you have PCOS, first thing you have a physical exam of your thyroid, skin, hair, breasts and belly. You would then be given a pelvic exam and pelvic ultrasound. Labs will be taken to check your hCG, Testosterone (andgrogen), Prolactin, Cholesterol and triglycerides, TSH, Adrenal gland hormones and your glucose. My PCOS was easy to diagnose as my left ovary had 13 cysts. I’m one of the lucky ones who only have one cystic ovary and the other one is well just there.

How do you get PCOS? This syndrome is baffling to pretty much everyone even doctors. The cause of PCOS is not fully understood but it seems to be a common thing in families. In my case, no one on my mother’s side has PCOS and I’ve never had the chance to meet my dad’s mother or her side of the family.

What are the symptoms of PCOS? This differs for every women with it but the most common are:

  1. Acne
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Extra Hair Growth
  4. Thinning hair at the scalp
  5. Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  6. Pelvic Pain
  7. Infertility
  8. Depression and/or mood swings

In my case, I have 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7. I constantly battle with acne on my chin which is normally where hormonal breakouts occur. I hate waking up to a huge red bump in the middle of my chin….which is why I have taken an interest in makeup and I’m actually rather good at it. Weight gain….ugh we all know I’m in the middle of a weight-loss journey which is going ok right now. I’ve been having a lot more “funk” days lately which has resulted in me falling off track. Missing periods are normal for me…..I have never been normal. They always came and went when they wanted and my doctors at the time didn’t really think anything of it because I was having 6 cycles a year. Pelvic pain sucks….lets put this into perspective for you…imagine your cramps during your “time of the month” magnify that by say 10……and experience this pain for at least two or three weeks. Talk about unbearable…sometimes I can’t move and the fetal position is the only way I get relief. I really don’t classify myself as having depression but I will admit there are days where I am in a “funk” and feel like my whole world is over. This feeling typically only lasts a day or two but those feelings of self-doubt and disappointment are really hard to shake off. Being unhappy in your own body is the worst feeling.

What are the treatments for PCOS? This typically is a case by case scenario and is based on your symptoms.  In my case, since I am overweight and trying to conceive, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Not smoking is another huge thing….not a problem for me as I am a non-smoker. There is also hormone therapy like, metformin (which I am currently taking) or clomiphene, birth control and a few others if you are trying to conceive. Ovarian Drilling is also a treatment option if you are trying to get pregnant and you are not responding to the hormone medications. It is extremely important to have regular check ups which I am really horrible about doing because I have a huge fear of doctors.

Is PCOS preventable? NOPE…sorry but this is not preventable. Early diagnosis and treatment helps prevent long-term complications so please keep that in mind.

I really hope this information has helped you understand what PCOS is and how it affects the body, mind and soul. From the physical pain to the emotional pain… all SUCKS!! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I will answer any questions anyone may have or be the support system you always needed. No one should ever feel alone when going through any medical issue.

Please note that I am not a doctor in any way and I can only speak from my own experience.