Keto Diet and Me

PCOS and KETOSo I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the Keto diet. It’s all the rage these days. This diet is very similar to Atkins which I had some really good results on…so naturally I wanted to give it shot but why? Well….I had been working out consistently, eating all the right foods and drinking my water like I’m supposed to but it creeped up on me out of no where….the dreaded “plateau”. I hadn’t lost a single ounce for 3 weeks despite everything that I did….I increased my weights, reduced my cardio, increased my cardio, cut back my calories, ate more calories….but still no budge on that scale. So I sought help on the internet. I joined some fitness groups, read some blogs and some articles. The best thing I read in all my research was this diet is the optimal diet for women with PCOS. PCOS is an insulin resistant syndrome which basically means our bodies do not recognize insulin. The insulin that the pancreas keeps making just floats around in our bodies with nowhere to go. With this surplus of insulin in our systems it leads to elevated testosterone levels which then causes the fertility issues like missed periods, failure to ovulate, facial hair and all of those other horrible symptoms.

So I’m sure by now your asking… what’s so special about Keto? So the Keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb and sugar diet. Yes you read that right “HIGH FAT?!?!?! WTF???”. I know that it’s so hard to think that eating more fat will in turn cause you to lose weight and that’s because over the years all the health professionals brainwashed us all to think fats are bad and healthy carbs are optimal to fuel our bodies. Well now carbs are bad and fats are good! With the Keto diet your diet should consist of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs which for my calorie allotment is roughly 125 grams of fat, 106 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbs. So when on this diet you are basically teaching your body to use fat as fuel instead of carbs which in turn lowers your blood sugar levels and improving your insulin resistance. So to sum this up lower carbs, lower sugar…..improved/relief of PCOS symptoms.

My Results so far…

So I started the keto diet on Monday April 16th and today when I stepped on that scale….I did not believe what I was seeing. I lost a total of 7.8 lbs!!! That’s right….I lost almost 8 lbs in 7 days! I immediately jumped off the scale and back on again…and again…and again….and again. Each time my weight came back the same. This now brings me to 6.8 lbs away from my goal weight to finally start fertility treatments. My dream of becoming a mommy is within my grasp and I am both nervous and excited at the same time. It’s like that first day of school when you are so excited to see all of your friends but your so nervous for the actual school work to start. I’ve been waiting so long for this to become a reality and I’m so happy that all of my hard work and dedication has finally paid off. You all know that I’ve given up and started over numerous times. My mental state had taken a turn for the worse and I was losing hope fast….the thought of just giving up completely had crossed my mind a time or two but one morning I woke up and said “NO”…..I’m going to do this and I’m going to reach my goals. As of today, I’ve lost a total of 70 lb….yes getting to this point may have been slow but I did it on my own terms. No surgery, no pills, no miracle cure…just hard work, dedication and discipline. I’ve never felt better than I do today. My spirit, my mind and my body have overcome so much over the course of my journey. I learned a lot about myself throughout this journey and I’m loving the person I’m growing into.

So here’s to kicking those last 6.8 lbs to the curb! Stay tuned…..



I Joined the Gym!

Joined the gymSo I’m sure a lot of your are in the same boat as me when I say that I’ve always cared too much about what people thought about me. So much so that it has held me back and kept me from reaching my goals. I always avoided situations where I had to physical in front of other people or be in a swim suit in front of people just because I didn’t want them to judge me for being plump. With that being said I never in a million years thought that I would ever join a gym…working out in front of tiny little women in their cute little workout clothes….but I did it! I took the plunge and joined a gym. I’ve officially been a member of Edgewater Fitness for about a month now and I AM IN LOVE! I never thought that I would be so comfortable working out in front of other people……I feel more motivated there than I do at home. I guess it’s the fact that you never want to appear as if you are a slacker so you kick your own butt just to keep up with the lady beside you on the treadmill or lift 20 lb. weights instead of your normal 8 lb. weights because the girl next to you who is half your size is currently curling 30 lbs.

When I decided to join the gym, I knew that I needed to be committed to this because a) I was paying good money to be there and b) I have goals that I want to reach and I had to get serious if I want to reach them.  So far I hit the gym 4 days a week for at least an hour and a half during the week and on Saturdays I’m usually there for at least 2 hours….sometimes 3 if I don’t have much to do that day. Leaving the gym hot, sweaty and sore is by far the best feeling in the world. I always walk out of the gym knowing that I’m one step closer to the ultimate goal. I have no idea why it took me so long to do it.

If you are on the fence in joining a gym because you aren’t comfortable working out in front of people or just worried people are going to judge you….don’t listen to yourself! Take the plunge and join….its the best motivation I’ve ever had! I’ve already lost 10 lbs.  just by sticking to my schedule and trying to kick my own butt in the gym. I push and push myself harder and harder each and every time my sneakers hit that floor.  I can’t wait to see what happens after the end of month number 2!

Face to Face - 9.10 to 11.1




A little off topic…

Hey everyone….its been a few weeks since my last post. The holidays are here and I’ve been trying to spend some time doing what I love…BAKING!!! Anyways…this post is a little out of the ordinary for me as it really has nothing to do with my journey but more of my inspiration.

 I started to get into watching UFC in late 2013 when my husband held a UFC party with his friends at our home. I love throwing parties because I love taking care of people and feeding them amazing food! From that fight I fell in love with the sport….but what really made me a die-hard fan was when I watched Rhonda Rousey fight Miesha Tate on December 23, 2013 (won by arm bar). I have followed her ever since. I love everything that she stands for and everything she has done for women. I actually may lose some followers because of this post but honestly, I don’t care. Rousey has done a lot in her career that benefits women everywhere. She was the first US Women to earn an Olympic medial in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. She is the reason why women are now fighting in the UFC but what I love most about her is she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. She has her opinion and if you don’t like it then whatever. I read the interview that she did with ESPN after she her fight against Holm and it moved me. (Here is the link to the article, I encourage you all to read it… In an exclusive interview, ronda rouse and espn). The one thing that she said it resonated with me, she said “Most people get scared away from having an opinion. It’s not so much my opinion everybody relates to, it’s that I don’t care about being punished for it.” Growing up I use to let my opinions known, I wasn’t afraid of speaking my mind and telling you I didn’t agree with something. Over the years, I lost my voice and grew scared of giving my opinion. After reading this article, I made a promise to myself….I was going to voice my opinion more. Tell people how I truly feel and so far….there hasn’t been any significant repercussions in fact, I’ve actually gained more respect for myself and from my peers.

Ronda Rousey

 I can’t exactly say I know how she is feeling by losing to Holm but reading this interview really made me realize that some of us have bad days and some of us have really shitty days. We all have the right to pick our selves up off that mat at the time we feel is right….we all deserve to grieve and recover in our own way. I know that she will be back and she will be back better than ever. She has the biggest heart and so much love and soul for what she does and what she represents. She inspires me to avoid being a “do nothing bitch” and it’s because of her and her determination that I have been able to turn over a new leaf for myself and really focus on my life and my journey.

Ronda if by any miraculous cosmic event happened and you are reading this, just know that we all love you and we support you…we wish you all of the best in the world. You are a beautiful person with an even more beautiful soul. I love what Roger Matthews wrote on his instagram, “Even the greatest can be beaten because we are all human.” We are all human and July is just 6 months and a few weeks away!